My name is Carin. As an intuitive empath, I am able to sense what others are feeling without being told. I choose the tarot as my tool to assist others on their journey. Let’s get to the “Why” so you can get to the “How” in order to live your best life now!

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 53
Experience 14 Years

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Empathically speaking, I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. My challenge lies in not allowing the feelings of others to affect my own feelings, mood or actions in general.

Much of my life was spent bending to the will of others because I ignored my own intuition and allowed the feelings of others to overshadow my own. It wasn’t until my late forties & caring for my mother in her last days that this all changed for me. Our entire family dynamic changed. During my greatest diversity, I began utilizing my intuitive gift, uncovered my strength & finally found my voice.

I’ve chosen to do these readings in order to share my blessings & assist others on their own journey. Divination, to me, is just one particular way to connect to the divine for guidance. Some choose to do that through prayer, meditation, yoga or the like. However you choose to connect is perfectly fine!


I began this life of an Empath feeling confused! Yes, confused! Confused about the "Vibes" from other people. Confused about the "Feeling" of a room or place upon walking in & confused as to why people would want to discuss their problems with me right off the bat! It took me the better part of 40 years and my own "Dark night of the soul" experience to begin seeing this as a gift, not a curse.

I came to realize that other people are naturally drawn to Empaths. I should have known this from childhood as children and animals were always drawn to me immediately. Though it may have taken a little longer than some to accept this, I have evolved to the position that I am able to feel what others are feeling, process those feelings and reassimilate into my own very quickly.


I always talk with my client for a bit to find out what they would like to gather from the reading. This also gives me the opportunity to assess their overall energy. After meditating for a moment, I will ask Spirit for specific assistance with the reading as I shuffle the cards. Using the Botticelli Tarot, Animal Spirit Oracle and the Divine Doors messages, I put the reading together. The type of reading is dependent on the type of inquiry. Since, I am also Clairaudient, there will be moments that I pause and relay the information that Spirit is giving to me.

Services & Fees

General Reading $20.20 Returned same day by video
Skeleton Key Reading (Hidden Potential) $25.50
Law of Attraction Reading $30.30 Returned same day by video
Past Life Reading $40.40 Returned same day by video
Zodiac (12 month) Reading $50.50 Returned same day by video

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City: Overton
State/Region: Texas
Zip/Postcode: 75684
Country: United States 🇺🇸
If you're in the East Texas area, I am available to meet in person!

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