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Well known esoteric writer and filmmaker, deep understanding of Tarot and astrology, expert in using Tarot to navigate the most complex and difficult of life's dilemmas.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English, Español
Age 56
Experience 17 Years

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Relationship (Current)
Relationship (Complicated)
Future Romance
LGBT Issues
Spiritual Guidance
Astrology Forecasting
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Job & Career
Family Issues
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I recently turned 50, have been married and have children. I have worked in the corporate world, been a teacher and a writer and have lived and worked in many countries. I have written three novels, one on the Tarot, made a popular film on the Tarot, The 21 Faces of God, and I have been a guest on many popular podcasts including The Higher Side Chats, Aeon Bytes, FreemanTV, Grimerica and many others. Two university degrees and a doctorate from the school of hard knocks.


My experience began about 12 years ago when I began to learn the Tarot, which led me to astrology and many other esoteric fields. I spent years doing Tarot readings and astrology reading. It takes a long time to really grasp the depth of the zodiac and the Tarot. The fruit of this work has been my novels, writing and films.


I use a very well tested and traditional method. I only offer one service, and this is a Tarot reading for a specific dilemma. I don't do general readings or health readings because I believe that oracles are meant for difficult times when we are faced with a true crisis, when we are stuck and not sure where to turn. First we will discuss the question, make sure we are clear in what we want to ask the cards. I will look at someone's chart before we do the reading to get a feel for who they are, but the ritual is based on the Tarot.

I only use one spread, the Celtic Cross, which I have done thousands of times and I only use the Rider Waite Smith deck. For me, it is better to perfect one system, then use branch off into many. A reading will usually last between thirty and forty-five minutes.

Services & Fees

I offer one service, see above for details, and it costs $50 which is paid before the reading through PayPal.

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