I do short, quick tarot readings for everyday problems. I also offer longer, slightly more in-depth tarot readings as well.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Experience 9 Years

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I go by Bunny. I'm only 24 but I was raised by a psychic in a very spiritual household. I've always been considered an old soul and someone who just tends to know things without being told. I've been a seamstress and a kitchen manager. I've been doing readings for about 6 years now, mostly being mentored by my very experienced mother who has been doing divination work for clients for 25+ years. Let's see, I'm a spiritualist. I spend most of my free time writing and have for years.


I started off doing readings for friends and family, just trying to learn the skills from my mother. I've always been told that I have the gift, although I wondered for a long time if it was just my mother being kind. It wasn't until I was closer to 19 when it really started to show that people wanted me to read for them. I've helped some friends through my work, which actually have all been relationship related. I've truly gotten down my process and learned the best way to listen to my cards. I keep them with me 24/7 and feel we are very connected. I have different decks for different kinds of readings as well, as I've found some have certain subjects they excel at. Not only tarot, but I do dabble in pendulum divination as well, and I find this just as good a way to delve into it all. For pendulums, I also find different ones are used best for different situations. I also keep these with me at all times!


I have a strong intuition I find, so the majority of the time with a tarot reading everything evolves by feel. If something just feels like it's clicked into place I know it's right. This is also how I approach pendulum divination as well, although these take a while longer because I like to meditate for a while to really reach out with my energy. As for my approach to tackling subject matters, everything I approach with a clear head. I'm a very open and understanding person after my strange and stressful upbringing and the people I've known in my life. I'm very empathic as well and try to feed into the emotions as best I can to come up with a compassionate correct solution if that's the type of reading.

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