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Being energy sensitive (able to feel, see and hear different spectrums and frequencies) and clairvoyant (ability to perceive events in the future or past) in combination with the Tarot I am able to provide a personal psychic tarot experience for my clients. Real-life questions answered.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 51
Experience 31 Years

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Future Romance
LGBT Issues
Money & Wealth
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Family Issues
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Family Planning
Life Guidance
Lost Property
Psychic Detective
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My journey began in very early childhood in the northern mountains of Pennsylvania. Being raised in a family where our natural psychic gifts were encouraged and nurtured I was able to develop my natural Clairvoyant ability. My Great Grandmother was a Tea-leaf reader, my Grandmother was Powwow healer, and my Mother was a Tarot reader. When I was thirteen I chose the tarot as my divinatory tool. Under the guidance of my mother, I studied the Tarot learning its history and understanding its spirit. Using my natural ability and the Tarot I am able to provide in-depth accurate readings that allow me to teach and to heal.


At the age of 19, I began taking my first clients in the psychic fair circuit. I traveled around Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersy meeting new clients and networking with other psychics.
At 26 I was contacted by members of my community and local police to help find a missing child. I was successful in locating the child, he was hiding under a porch at a nearby house and fell asleep. Several years later, the older sister of that missing boy met and married my brother. An event in my life making a full circle.
After 30 I became an event coordinator hosting psychic fairs and wellness events. I also have become a web presence, successfully launching my website. Offering my Personal Professional Psychic services to clients all over the world.


I use my natural ability to sense energy and my clairvoyant abilities along with the structure and spirit of the tarot. Either in-person, over the phone or a video conference, when I do a reading I connect with a person's energy, this connection, combined with the tarot interpretations gives me the ability to connect with a person on a personal level. Often helping me reveal things to my clients that they are unaware of. This leads to a truly enlightening experience.


Over 20 Years of Practical experience.
has been ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church, Modesto, California.
On: June 5th, 2002 by Kevin Andrews, Pastor
And by the ULC Monastery in Seattle, WA
On: September 21st, 2001
Member of the Association of Professional Psychics. on 2006

Services & Fees

Personal Tarot Reading $60.00, Phone Reading $1.00 per minute, Weddings $150.00. Baptism $75.00. Funeral $50.00. Spiritual Counseling $40.00 an hour. House Blessings $30.00. Guided Meditation $25.00


New Las Vegas customers only.
Through the month of March.

Host a party with 6 guests 12 max. (5 plus the host/ess) and the host/ess gets a free reading. All reading paid in advance with a credit card will get 10$ off of the regular price of a reading.

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