Hello, My name is Brittany and I work best with love advice. Whether in separation, broken up, single or not. I also work in any other areas of life. Career, money, family, self, etc. I do tarot readings, spell works, cleanings, oils, and anything of this nature.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English, Español
Experience 5 Years

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Future Romance
LGBT Issues
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Job & Career
Family Issues
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I am born and raised in Southern California, but have spent the last four years in Northern California, where I have found home. I am mainly a teacher, preschool and highschool. I teach English and focus more so on the literature side of it rather than the grammar. I am a Buddhist, and have experienced a very long twin flame journey that I managed to learn to handle. I am confident that I can help others struggling with where to go.


I developed the messages I chose to curate for people in feeling out their energies and attuning to what they needed to hear. It’s hard when you know what a client wants to hear, and not giving them exactly what they need. I found a good balance in giving them what they wanted to hear in a way that they weren’t expecting it.


I have created and followed my own cleansing rituals, which I do at the start and end of everyday. This helps me keep my messages and mind pure and intact. I try my best to stay connected with my guiding angels and ask them to give to me the best messages they could push through. They never fail. As long as I am pure and working alongside them, they give me what I ask for without fail.


BA in English
Many reviews, ratings and references.
My Instagram is my page of business, where more can be found. @brittanyyhouston

Services & Fees

All of my readings range from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Email/text reading $15
Video or audio $25

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