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I am a tarot reader and empath. My whole life I have been extremely intrigued by anything paranormal. Wise beyond my years, I feel such a deep connection to divination and have had nothing but accurate responsive readings from the cards.

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Nationality 🇪🇺 European Union
Languages English, Françias
Age 24
Experience 4 Years

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am a 24 year old female from Alberta, [removed] whole life I have been extremely intrigued and dedicated to anything paranormal, occult, magical. Although I am young it is the harsh reality of life and trauma that I have experienced that has lead me to tarot and the path of spirituality. Discovering tarot myself has helped me recover down a road of grief, trauma, anxiety and healing. I feel such a deep fulfilling connection with these cards and receive such elation and happiness when I can share my gifts of reading tarot with others. My goal is to really help others open up and find peace with the struggles one goes through in life, knowing I am here to listen, help, and relate. I have taken numerous courses studying the meanings of the beautiful 78 cards the tarot has to offer as well as done my own soul work to find what each card truly means to me. I am an artist outside of tarot reading that loves to draw anything inspired by mystics, the occult and magick. I hope that I can bring you insight and clarity with your questions that you bring to me.


I find that I am always learning, and always open to learning. I learn something new each and everyday with my clients. I am very passionate about empathizing with others and aiding in healing any issue they need closure on, big or small.


Intuitive tarot reading is my strong point, I really listen to my guides and the guides of my clients to feel when it is the right time to stop shuffling and pull a card. Again I am an empath and can very easily tap into different energies and frequencies and offer the most accurate results available to me.


Although the courses I have taken do not offer certification because the instructor doesn’t personally believe in certification, I have taken numerous courses from the lovely Lindsay Mack, as well as read a large quantity of books and studied many different techniques myself on tarot and numerology. I am incredibly inspired by Bakara Wintner and of course, Brigit Esselmont.

Services & Fees

I charge a minimum of $20 per hour, that being said if you were to ask me a 1 card, 1 question pull and the whole process of pulling the card and writing the email took me 30 minutes, then I would charge you accordingly being $10.
I will answer any question/ questions you have for me. You will be charged accordingly depending on the amount of questions you ask and the amount of cards I pull per question, again however long the reading takes me is what you will be charged.
We can discuss pricing estimates before the reading starts to get a better idea on pricing.


My first 5 readings on this site will be $15 each for a 3 card, mind, body, spirit pull.

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