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I will give my best to offer avails to those who cannot understand their life and themselves.

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Hello, please call me Black Death, and I love supernatural similar to the TV series “supernatural”. Additionally, my interest is Card Reading, Number, etc. Sadly, my background is mostly pitiful, confusing and a bit of dark, so, my conclusion of life experience with blood-related families and fake friends it ends to realise the truth.


The feeling filled with curiosity and eagerness of understanding people who lead me to the world of fortune-telling from Numerology to Card Reading and parcel more. Some people have an awful background, Numerology makes me realise who is my real family and friend are and Card Reading avail my understanding of my situation and behaviour too, I learn it is a part of the experience. Also, I have learned I have an exceptionally awful behaviour, but, I realise I can change it and learn how to change it too. The situation is nice, surrounded by extraordinary people, so, my conclusion of life getting extraordinary as I grew older and older.


My methods and approach to tackling subject matters. My Divination techniques such as Tarot de Marseille, Lenormand, Numerology, etc. Also, I can combine Tarot and Lenormand for reading too. Still, my reading requires no questions and shuffling needed, my reading based on birthday, so, I consider myself not a pure psychic honestly speaking, but my reading is 100% correct for birthday represents your soul and your life.


The skills are from self-taught and online research lessons and I have no certificate frankly speaking.

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