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I have always felt very connected to spiritual side of life. My intuition is spot on, always has been. I felt drawn to the cards a few years ago and haven't put them down since. My readings have helped and touched many lives including my own. You can expect a very pure soul with honest readings.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 37
Experience 3 Years

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I am 36 years old and a mother of four beautiful kids. My eleven year old daughter was my guiding light to doing what I do today. She is a practicing wiccan with a very large heart and intelligence beyond her years. She tells me "Mom, remember, the magic is not in these [removed] its in you" Any question you might have I will answer with a straight forward honest answer from my soul. I feel your aura, I can see and feel things about you that you don't even know yet.


I was brought up in a very conservative Christian home where magik and witch craft were considered evil and wrong. I knew I wasn't a believer, but it took me saying to outloud to realize who I truly was. I considered myself athiest until my daughter pointed me in the right direction. From the mouth of [removed] she was only 9 at the time. I've always had a intense gut feeling about people and situations that has hardly ever been wrong. When I picked up the tarot cards I knew I had found my place. I do reading daily for others and myself and they only seem to be better each time. I also do shows online from time to time where people show up and I do readings for them.


My method will include a natural aura reading just from my initial take on you or the situation. I also read tarot and use that to guide our journey. Astrology is also a big part of my guidance as I use the starts and planets to see where we stand in the current day in time

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I charge a flat rate for readings. My readings are anywhere from 5-30 min at a time depending on the person and what I need them to know. I charge 20 a reading, Tarot is included.


Your first reading is only 10 dollars

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