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I have guided many people to change their present life to the best they can be. I have emerged as trusted career advisor, with numerous testimonies from satisfied clients and empowered those to be strong and find their truest present path.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Experience 11 Years

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Teacher of Arts & Methods
Relationship (Current)
Relationship (Complicated)
Money & Wealth
Job & Career
Health Concerns
Family Planning
Life Guidance
Decision Making
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I am a empathic life and wellness coach who focus on listening to what the universe shares with me to guide the client to a better and safer path in the long run. I assist in making a difference in one life then in another. Ever since I was a child I would want to help people. But not as a psychologist. As something else my gift of being a psychic Empath came through but I didn't like the word I felt like people depended on my word to be the only way which isn't true. We choose our paths we should feel empowered to know the difference between choosing from comfort and fear   or choosing because we want to do and love what it stands for. I work on being straight forward and true.

As for wellness I have the gift to guide I see things like an x ray and get specific foods and vitamins you should take. I am not a Dr. But it can help you and your animal hone is on the issue.  And take it from there. I work on meal prepping eat away from foods that are based on your blood. I work with guiding the client to a healthier them and allow them to work with Family meals for a personalized entree.
I am the creator of the Crack Rub from Smokin' Mason's BBQ & Rub Co.
And a Loveologist practicing as a Wellness Romance Coach . I assist couples with choosing the right food to create a healthier sex life. I hope you find me beneficial to your show. Thank for giving a damn because I do too!


Certified through the American Federation Of Psychic and Medium Association of New York.
Under Patti Negri
Life Path Coach
Animal Communicator
Business/Career Coach
Goal Coach
Loveologist through Loveology University under Dr Ava Cadell
Focus on as A Spiritual Romance Coach


I am straight to the point.
Compassionate but also no nonsense Coach.
I love supporting my clients with tough love and making sure they can achieve the goals they have for their present.
As a Psychic I see in words, and also as a movie.
I am empathic which means I feel what those are feeling and I can give you an idea of how to handle the next step.
I will guide you to the best path by applying coaching session to better your life.
I work with Women only!
Being a Lifestyle Coach it can help you start from beginning to end.


Certified Psychic, life path coach, animal communications with present and past, love and romance Loveologist, light worker,

Services & Fees

45 minute 165.00
1 month life path coaching $515.00
1 time a week 45 minute session
2 emails a week
Each session will include a angel card reading
You will need to be held accountable for your actions I guide in the present moment to all working goals
From wellness, career, business and love.
Serious clients only. Please don't waste time and money I only accept a handful every month.


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