I am an Empath, Medium, pshycic card reader. I read tarot, oracle& pendulums. I also connect with past loved ones. I also do meditative cord cutting, to help you release any stagnate energies. I also offer guidance to those that are new to there spiritual path.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 45
Experience 6 Years

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I am a mother of 2 miracle boys. From birth till 9 yrs old my upbringing was church 3xs a week. As a teen I got interested in witchcraft & anything that didnt involve a church. I went on to tarot cards. I ran away from family from life as I knew it and ended up in Florida at 19. I was married & living a totally different life. Only to end my life there traumatized. Not knowing how ID get threw it. Spirituality brought me threw. I healed myself my life. I studied everthing. From energy healing to chakras to more tarot. To oracle and cord cutting. To moon rituals. I studied being a [removed] also learned I can read photographs as well as by touching or holding things. I wasted so much of this life because i was weak and scared of who I was or what I can do. Now I am blessed and greatful to have the strength and courage to not only share my gifts but to help others threw there lifes challenges. To show or speak to others with loving guidance as I wish had been done to me in my life. Love & Light always, harm to none, never judgement to any , because let me tell you there isnt very many things I havnt seen, heard,or been threw myself.


When I started my journey it was just me trying to heal myself. As time passed I started to share bits & pieces with others just as advice. The more I healed & studied the more i realized hey this really works. I began to help others. Mostly through knowledge because of my experiences. But now I can help others not only threw my own experiences but threw knowledgeable studies. Threw sharing my gifts with others. I mean lets face it what good is a gift never opened , never seen never used.


I use my tarot & oracle cards not only for readings but also just for guidance for anyone dailey. I love yes or no questions with tarot or Leomnard. I also have used my pendulum to find missing items for example car keys. I have used tarot and or pendulum to help make decisions on. Homes to buy or places to move. I have done many meditative cord cuttings mostly over the telephone tho. A lot of my readings have been done online. I pull cards then write on paper my thoughts & either send them threw mail or email or messanger or text. However you chose. Or sometimes I will send and call to go over it. I feel if its wrote down you have something to look back on. Lets face it you cant remember everything thats been said to you. This way u dont have to. I have contacted past loved ones using a picture of them or just there name. I have used oracle cards as well with spirit connections. I have used automatic writing. I have also connected with pets for some last words. As well as drawn and painted for clients there pets on canvas. As a keepsake. I have used chakra crystals to heal animals. I have helpped clear haunted homes. I have worked with paranormal a lot. I hope I got everything down. Here.


I have certificates in 37 courses I took online. From Reiki, Chakra, Channeling, automatic writing, mediumship, psychic clairs, Psycomentry, tarot, oracle, pendulum, wiccan, spirit guides, spirit animals, working with archangels, energy healing, crystal healing, mantras, working with moon phases, crystal grids, paranormal investigation, all forms of Diviation, psychic investigation,

Services & Fees

1 card pull oracle or tarot $5 same for yes or no questions
2 card pull $15 //// 3-5 card pull $50 //// $60 for a half HR
$1 a minute there after//// $150 for cord cutting $ 200 for meditative cord cutting plus candle ritual


I do run half off specials when its a full moon. I love moon phases.


City: StElmo
State/Region: IL.
Zip/Postcode: 62458
Country: United States 🇺🇸
Will do in person readings.

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