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I read tarot cards is a way that is insightful and positive. I believe the future is sill ours to create, so rather than tell you what WILL happen, I believe in looking for information that you will find useful. I specialize in no nonsense, to-the-point readings that will help break you out of ruts.

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I started with psychic fairs and 900-lines almost 30 years ago. My first career was librarian or as I like to say: sometimes I research in books and sometimes in the Askaskic records (the soul record or the record of EVERYTHING, Everywhere that has gone before.) I work with tarot cards, using ether an unusual deck called the World Tree Tarot or the Robin Wood tarot.


I started reading about Witchcraft in High School. I quickly realized that a lot of "spells" were really relying on the power of the mind to suggest and then manifest what then becomes real. I first read tarot cards in college. Back in the 70's, New Age (and tarot cards) were very popular. When a reading looking at the future came true (what i know now is that the future can be CHANGED and what I was seeing was what WOULD happen if the person did not make changes.) It scared me and I stopped reading (stopped it ALL: even hunches and finding parking spaces) for 12 years. I went on to become a librarian until at a party a friend showed up with a tarot deck.

I had forgotten how much FUN Tarot cards were. I started hustling readings for money at Science Fiction Conventions and everyone said I was so good I should read pro. When a friend told me about a Psychic Fair that was looking for people, I joined it. I also worked 900-lines but the nature of those was to be up at 3 or 4 in the morning and I worked a day job.

After a few year, it was obvious to me I like reading tarot more than I like being a librarian. But I didn't know how to make tarot a career. Then through a series of fortunate events, I had a chance to do a party. I had a friend create a "gypsy Fortunetelling" outfit for me and wore it for YEARS, doing parties and special events. I still do them--that is the main way I make a living as a reader. But I am one of the very few who have a knack for quick, light readings that get to the BASIS of the problem quickly and tell it like it is.

Now, I still do parties and events. But I am also interested in doing more serious readings. So I am signed up here.


I read with tarot cards. I like to lay out a short spread which looks in the Askasic Record (the Soul Record or record of everything that has happened up to now.) for information that you may find useful in answering your question. If you want a GENERAL reading, I like to lay out 12 cards in a Horoscope spread that covers all the bases of your life. I see where your strengths are and your weaknesses and discuss changes you can make to make life better for YOU.

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