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Hello, I am Al. I have been a spiritually gifted person my whole life, I use channeling, clairsentience, automatic writing and tarot in my practice. I aim to help others connect with their subconscious mind and flow state through non judgemental and open practice.

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Nationality 🇬🇧 United Kingdom
Languages English
Age 35
Experience 8 Years

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I come from a long line of spiritual healers on my mother's side in the Middle East whereas I am from a Glaswegian working class background on my father's side. I feel this gives me a no frills but light hearted approach to the spiritual and esoteric domain. I had always been interested in the ancient practices since a small child particularly having an affinity with tarot, crystals and channeling. I was gifted with claircognizance and sentience, in my early life I would use these skills without realising as I thought it was something everyone could do! However over time and more frequently people would come to me for counsel, they respected my insight into situations and how I just seemed to 'know' things. Of course this was a great compliment but also confusing as we are encouraged to not listen to our intuition and inner voice in western society.

Aside from my inner life I work as a musician, educator, arts facilitator and writer. It is my belief that to be creative is to do the work of the divine itself. We are asked to give life to the abstract in a way that will benefit others. This (to me) is the highest responsibility in this life. What I want to do now is not only create but help others directly outside of the creative world because I feel it would be improper to not be of service to all people of all backgrounds.

My practice built up from my work as a private tutor, people came to me to learn guitar but ultimately would end up talking about philosophical, metaphysical and esoteric ideas. This theme followed me wherever I found myself teaching so now here we are cutting straight to the chase!

My educational background is in music and performing arts, my work revolved around the manifestation of consciousness through creative practice. I committed a programme of study to this during my teacher training as it is my belief that all art is channeled work.

My goal is to help people engage with their subconscious minds to connect with 'flow' and live the lives they want to rather than the life that has been programmed into their heads without their consent.

I believe that everything we wish for, need to know and actively seek is around us at all times we only need to 'see' it.


My experiences as a counsellor and guide all have been intertwined with my work in music which began in this capacity in 2010. Over time I taught less music, performance and art in favour of discussing energy, metaphysics, spirit and self-realisation.


I use a combination of:
Automatic Writing

Services & Fees

My prices are based on what the person can afford. I ask for a base rate of £10 for 30 mins and £20 for 60 minutes. If you want to commit to a run of sessions we can discuss a rate if you book in block however I would operate a 24 cancellation policy (if no notice is given within 24 hours, the session is charged for).


Block booking discount!

10 for the price of 9


City: London
State/Region: England
Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧
Work together online via Skype or Zoom.

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