For the last 11 years I've been using my gifts to Heal Teach and Guide People to better understanding their lives and to begin their spiritual journey by giving them the tools to do so. I have accurately worked with many individuals and would love to share my gift with you.

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Age 30
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When I was 17 I started my spiritual journey right before I found my father dead after loosing the battle to a life long heroin addiction. Every hardship I've been through I have came out with a stronger perception and understanding of life. I gained the ability to help others using my spirit guides to relay messages for people who are in need of knowing the path they are on. Through the years my Gift has been a blessing. It wasn't until 3 years ago my father guided me to the holy spirit and that when I found out my purpose as a light worker and messenger to help teach and heal the world through my spirituality and life experiences.


I have been an empath and have had the drive to help people ever since I was little. I wanted to become a counselor until I discovered the tarot. The tarot has given me the tools to tap into my spirituality and I have been able to accurately do readings for people I am drawn too or through word of mouth. I have watched 100s of my readings unfold accurately and I have decided This is better then becoming a counselor. Im doing the same thing but with the ability to see things Past, Present and Future. Depending on the spreads i use and what questions are asked I have the ability to help Guide you for the future or outcome. The future is not always written in stone because the cards help me see actions you can take that will result or change in the outcome of the reading.

I had done a reading for a friend who had just went through a rough break up he was in his 40s and an addict after he consulted me and asked me how he was going to become happy and healthy and I was able to guide him on the right path. He often would consult on making decisions and had asked me if moving to Vegas was a good idea. The cards read it was a great idea that his career was going to take off and he would benefit greatly from It. 3 years later he has been sober was able to heal from the relationship breakup and is now working as a manager in a casino in Vegas. He turn his life around and this is why I am here. I would love to share my gifts with you and to guide you down the right path and finding answers.


I conduct readings by shuffling my tarot deck and meditating on the question, the spread I'm using and the person whom I'm reading for. I proceed to fan out the cards and pick the number of cards in the spread. when I'm reading the tarot helps tell a story with the cards that will give advice and help my client in the situation or question they are asking. My readings are very accurate. I'm intuitive and clairvoyant.

I will not answer questions about when you will die or how.

Email me what type of reading you want and the question you have along with your name.

Services & Fees

$1.99 per minute video reading
$50 1/2 hour phone reading
$30 in depth email reading usually 10 card spread
$5 past present and future reading email or chat

I take paypal, venmo and cash app
$15 Celtic cross reading (10 card spread that tells you more about a specific question)


buy 1 get one free for the past present and future reading and the Celtic cross reading.

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