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Hi, I want to help you and advise you. I'm glad you're here. I have 8 years experience in Oracle Card Reading, Mediumship, Channelling Messages, Spirit Guide Contact, Connecting you with your Angels, Automatic Writing, and Akashic Records Reading. I'm fully experienced in these areas,

Nationality 🇪🇬 Egypt
Languages English
Age 31
Experience 9 Years

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LGBT Issues
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I've lived in Virginia for many years but my bloodlines are from Brazil, Haiti and the Caribbean. I'm a 4th generation seer and have been in contact with the invisible world since I was 3 years old. I see spirits. They are able to contact me. And, I am able to contact them. I have also been able to see my past lives and the past lives of others. This gift appeared when I was very young. I found that if I looked into someone face, heard their voice, or read something they'd written, I would begin to see, hear of feel sounds, visions, and senses that let me know I was talking to someone who had lived on this Earth before.
As a teenager, my gifts were quite evident to other family members who began to come for me for advice. And, these were the times I began to use my dreaming gifts to advice family and friends. I was the one people came to because the dreams I had were predictive of something good coming, or warnings. In those days, I was reading with playing cards as well.

I've seen and spoke with angels. I have a gift of being able to channel information from spirits and entities from beyond. But, I am also very experienced and well trained in reading Oracle and Angel Cards. And usually, messages from the heavens or spirit worlds only come through, if there's a specific message you need to hear in addition to getting answers from the cards about your love life, finances, career, money, family issues etc.
I use various decks or Oracle Cards when I do your readings. I use Soul Reading Tarot, Akashic Records Tarot, Totem Oracles, Specific, Love, and Relationship Cards, Oracle Card, and others depending on your question. I'm here to help you, answer your questions, and give you the best guidance I can using every gift I've been blessed with.


I've been a spiritual advisor, and counseling Oracle Card, Akashic Tarot reader for the past 8 years. I a full list of consistent clients that have been with me since my early days of counseling over the phone, and co-partnering with aromatherapy or spiritual supply stores since 2008.


My approach starts with me drawing enough cards from either one deck or several decks first. I lead with the cards unless I feel led another way. But you will get a card reading with detail. While pulling cards for you, I ask angels, guides, or whatever spirit to be present in the read to assist me.


Akashic Records Reader Certification
Universal Psychic Arts School Graduate
Oracle Card Reader Certification

Spirit Guide Mastery Certification
Psychic Development Certification
Certified Life Coach with New Life Coach Inc.
Ordained ULPC Minister

Services & Fees

My fees start at $75 and up.


Your first reading is $10 off.

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