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Over 30 years experience, I have the "Wisdom of the Ages" passed from my ancestors. Tarot Readings and Spiritual Forecasts relying on my Intuitive Empathic and Psychic Clairvoyant visions I can assist you in finding your way out of darkness, unfolding your future and offering wise counsel.

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Nationality 🇮🇹 Italy
Languages English
Age 53
Experience 35 Years

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Future Romance
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I'm a gifted intuitive and spiritualist that has spent many years offering spiritual guidance to many of my family and friends. As an energy healer and quantum Reiki Master I have made the decision to help others with their path in life. Many times we are in need of a little guidance to help us navigate our way through relationships, life changes and money struggles, I have known tarot and spiritual practices to be a valid way towards attaining insight and wisdom during such times. It is my goal to bring you the answers you seek and the guidance you need with love, light and peace. Namaste


I have always worked in the periphery self-help field, ghost-written several books on energy alignment and chakra healing to guide young people, have been a secular educator and am a certified Quantum Reiki healer as well as having my Reiki I, II and Reiki Master certifications.


I focus my intuitive, psychic and clairvoyant abilities on the client and delve deep into their energy making the spiritual connection. I explore the subject matter with my client and ask about any blockages they may be experiencing. I pray, fast and spiritually cleanse my aura and space before consulting my guides on the client's concern. Once I have gained the intuitive insight via the reading, dream analysis or clairvoyant channeling I will consult with my client regarding steps they may want to implement towards bringing them into alignment with their best future outcome. I offer spiritual advice on energy healing, crystals, herbs and other practices they may want to implement to resolve difficult energies in their life, as well.


Quantum Reiki Certification
Reiki I Certification
Reiki II Certification
Master Reiki Certification

Services & Fees

$25.00 General Tarot Reading

SALE $50.00 Extended In-Depth Reading (this is a deeper exploration of a particular matter)

SALE $50.00 Financial/Career Reading

SALE $50.00 Relationship Reading

SALE $75.00 Complex Relationship Reading
(Lover, Mistress, Married and Third-Party relationship reading. For those who may be torn between two lovers,  involved with more than one person, in a non-committal relationship or having an affair on their spouse or partner.)
$75.00 Numerology Life Path Readings

$150.00 Live Tarot Reading (Live Video 1 Hour Tarot Reading cards pulled in front of you)

$250.00 Live Extended In-Depth Tarot Reading (Live 2 Hour Video Tarot Reading cards pulled in front of you)

$250.00 Relationship In-Depth Analysis and Advice


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