I am an empath, healer, intuitive and clairvoyant. I have been using tarot for 10 years and astrology for 4 years. I have been helping lots of people in their lives, work, relationships, and spiritual path. I am always willing to help them with the abilities that the Universe has given me.

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I was born in South America, I was raised by a single mother in my grandparents' house. As a child, I used to be very introvert, and like to be by myself. My abilities started to flourish once I discovered my passion for the arts. I also felt the need to get to know people and it always came naturally, however, I sometimes felt both people's negative and positive aspects which made me feel that I had to do something and ended up with me helping them.


I started my professional career by doing tarot readings for friends and my immediate family, and then in more unknown settings like remote settings. I studied astrology on my own afterward to offer it along with my other abilities.


I do practice western astrology when people want to know about career, health, how to make a living, and most appropriate dates to start a business, get pregnant, and another important date in a person's life.
When it comes to relationships, I usually use both astrology and tarot because it involves more than one person and it sometimes has a more in-depth explanation as we all manage the relationships in different manners.
In all my consultations, I connect to the person with my intuition ability, if it is about health I can provide the health issue with my empath ability, and if the person provides me with an image I can read it with clairvoyant ability.

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