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Aho! My name is Juliana, I have over 20 years of experience with oracles, specially the tarots. I'm a medium, gypsy great-granddaughter, adept to Natural Magic, I also read online since 2007, having the best feedback from my clients. About the reading and the spiritual guidance as well.

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Nationality ūüáßūüá∑ Brazil
Languages English, Português
Age 39
Experience 24 Years

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LGBT Issues
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I'm Brazilian, currently live in Rio de Janeiro, have been engaged to all sorts of spirituality you can imagine. Wicca, Candomblé, Umbanda, Kardecismo since the early age, but have found my path through the Natural Magic. Connecting myself and help others connect through me to mother-nature and allowing her to give us the answers we need. And she has been very generous throughout all this time we've been "working"together. The feedbacks I get from my clients are always very exciting! I love hearing from them and knowing that everything turned out as predicted by the cards. Which is why I always try and keep a bond with every clients, so they we can celebrate the outcomes together


I started reading the Lennormmand back when I was about 14 years old. After that I started experiencing having natural predictions. First experience was seeing vividly a dead friend's neighbor without ever having met him. Just by describing the man I was seeing, my friend said that a guy like that had lived there, but he'd died 2 years before. Scary!! I kept having those premonitions and they came to me through dreams, and even awake sometimes. That way I predicted my mom's death, and actually told her, as she claimed I was going crazy with all that witch bs, but also told me a few situations on which I have predicted things when I was a child, that I couldn't remember. Throughout the years I've been to many cults trying to find my way. A couple of years inside the Candomblé was the longest I engaged in a specific religious sect. I coulnd't find my spiritual place on those beliefs, and that was so frustrating. Until I got to start stufying Natural Magic, Sacred feminine and all the power that's within me as something perfectly natural. And here I am. Using all this power I was blessed with to help others with their issues. I'm very proud and thankful for this gift. I love what I do. Aho!


The complete reading starts with 3 cards withdraw, so we can find out the present energies about the question. Follows a 6 cards withdraw, that tells us the reason, and how it touches you emotionally. Then we withdraw 7 cards, that kinda lets us know the whole story, and a possible outcome. After that, we withdraw 5 crossed cards, so the Tarot can advice us what stops us and what to do to get there. Along with the Tarot, I have my crystal balls around so they can help me see whats hidden between the lines of the cards, and I can give a more clarifying answer for the consultant. Via whatsapp videocall.

Services & Fees

Complete reading - (around 1h) - £12 (video)
3 cards withdraw - £3 (chat)
7 cards withdraw - £5 (chat)
3 + 6 cards withdraw - £7 (video)
3 + 6 + 5 cards withdraw - $10 (video)


Quarentine Special - Full reading for £10!

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