I am an intuitive and empath professional tarot and oracle reader specializing in extremely accurate and in-depth readings by working with my guides and angels.

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Experience 8 Years

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I have been an intuitive and an empath my whole life but began working with tarot and oracle to first help ease the emotional pain that I was feeling in my daily life. It unintentionally led to me discovering my purpose in life, and the ensuing clarity helped set me on the path to healing. The clearest message I have received from my guides is that I am here to help and heal and provide guidance to those around me. In my practice, I work with my guides and angels, as well as my Mayan ancestors.

A little bit about where I came from and what I do - my day job as a freelancing musician is so incredibly fulfilling emotionally and spiritually but has also given me many ups and downs in terms of career and financial success. I had to work to repair and mediate family relationships fraught with tension in my personal life. In my intimate life, I have been blessed with meeting my soulmate and twin flame, but prior to meeting them, I have also suffered in emotionally manipulative relationships and relationships with unhealthy attachments.

No matter the setback, I have always strived to live in alignment with my highest self. I believe that compassion is what will heal the world. No matter your upbringing, your belief system, your gender identity, your sexual orientation, I am here to listen and help guide you with an open mind and open heart.


Ever since I was a child, I could sense the energy in every room I walked into and the energy of every person I came across. I sense shadow people and I sense the presence of guides and angels in my path. Before I knew that I was an empath, I took on whatever energy someone else was projecting and incorporated it into my own. This led me down a very self-destructive path where I was eagerly seeking to please, doing things and interacting with people who did not have my best interests at heart, at the expense of my own energy. it wasn't until I realized that I was an empath that I started doing energy work to strengthen and center myself and protect my own abilities. It involved conventional therapy, reiki healing, astrology counseling, and the development of a daily meditation practice. Through that, I was able to connect with my guides and angels.

Once I connected with my guides and angels, I realized that my higher purpose was to provide spiritual healing and guidance to those around me. I refused this responsibility for several years, feeling unprepared, but once I started learning the tarot, I realized that I had found my calling and the format with which I was most confident I could provide this healing. It took me 2 years to fully learn the cards, and an additional year to become a proficient reader.

Now I give advice to anyone who seeks it about any issue in their life, physical or spiritual. When forecasting, I do not claim to make definitive predictions about the future or that I am the only one who has the "right" answers, rather, my goal is to provide insight and analysis to identify patterns in your life, show you the likely way things will develop, and offer you advice. My goal is to help you live in alignment with your highest self.


I use tarot and oracle readings to help answer questions regarding career, family, love, money, health, and spirituality. Sometimes I supplement my readings with some pendulum dowsing, depending on what I intuitively feel is right. When I do readings, I meditate first and connect with my guides and ask them to reach out to my querent's guides to help me deliver the message that they want my querent to receive.

Once I pull the cards, I meditate on them and study their relationships. I like to take my time with my readings and ensure that I am picking up on the right message. Sometimes even if I planned on only doing a tarot reading, I will feel a pull towards my oracle cards. At that moment I know that there is higher guidance reaching out to my querent. As an empath, when I am doing a reading, most of the time I will pick up on the energy of my querent, but sometimes on the urgency of the message that my querent's guides have for them.

Services & Fees

Readings start at $5/card for both tarot and oracle. I can add an oracle reading to any tarot reading for an additional $5/card. If I am in the middle of a tarot reading and I feel called to draw an oracle card for you, it will be added free of charge.


In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, I am offering a 25% discount off the total reading price to anyone from the Black community.

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