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I read tarot, oracle, and 9 Star Ki to give you answers and a better picture of who you are. I don't give candy-coated or sugar-coated answers. I tell you like it is and how your Gang (your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors) tell me. I will answer most questions, but I won't deal some issues.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Experience 18 Years

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I am a simple country girl who is single (right now happy to be that way) and lives with 2 cats. I am more spiritual than religious but believe that there is something bigger than all of us (call it God, the universe, whatever, I believe they are all the same entity). I live by the tenant Judge No One, why because we all have our own paths that we agreed to when we signed up to come down to this planet. I have had many jobs that range from simply bagging groceries to roofing, from showing guests their seats at a show to arresting someone in a casino for breaking the law. I have been a peacemaker and I have also been a Fighter. We wear many hats and that is what we have signed up for.


I started learning to read the tarot and other modalities when I was 19 years old, but my journey started long before that. As a child, I could hear information about people, events, places, and even objects that others wouldn't. Many times I found myself being given the question, "Yes, thats right. But how do you know?" Back then I didn't understand, but as I got older I began searching for answers and found how to better channel this information into cards to provide better answers. I continued my journey and seek to use my abilities to help all who want it.


I am a very simple person with a simple process. I start each reading with meditation before I do anything because it helps to clear out my mind and energy so I start with a blank slate. Next I light a candle inviting my Gang (my personal group of Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors) to enter my area. Then I ask your question and my Gang begins getting information from your gang. These messages come through the cards and often as even words/pictures/smells/sounds that I then communicate to you. The Guides do most of the work, but the cards help me to focus on what message they want me to give you. I then write out everything that was given to me in a way that is clear, easy, and simple to understand.

Services & Fees

All services can be booked through my Etsy store AngelSerenityReading as I find many people feel this is safer and they feel protected about their purchases.


Right now my 3 card Readings are $4.95 for 1 question. You may ask any question as long as it is not in the following areas: health, pregnancy, mental health, lottery winnings, marriage, or for specific details about a potential spouse (IE I can not give you the exact date, time, name, height, weight and address of a potential spouse, besides What fun would that acutally be).

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