I'm a card reader (Tarot and Lenormand), I'm been reading for Lenormand 15 years in person. And for the past year I've been reading for people outside my country, online. I'm very intuitive and would like not only to talk or predict, but listen to your concerns and find the best answer on the cards.

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Nationality 🇧🇷 Brazil
Languages English, Português
Experience 21 Years

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I'm from Brazil, I am gay, single and been reading and studying cards since I was under 15. I worked in the knitting industry for years and read cards as a second job. I have deep connections with the Brazilian view of spirituality, which is mostly based on French Spiritism (Allan Kardec), Catholicism, African and local native culture. I don't preach or try to pass my beliefs, but I do have them and stand up for them.
I grew up very introspective and observant, which lead me to analyze people and situations with other eyes, I spent most of my childhood and adolescent life around adults and listening to their concerns and also reading books about spiritualism, Tarot and cards, which brought me a lot of knowledge of the human being, their relationships and tendencies. Those are important factors that made me very intuitive and empathetic.


I started to study and practice Lenormand readings around the year of 2001, three years later I started to have some recurrent clients and people coming back for readings, divination, fortune-telling, counseling and guidance. Since then I started to use it as a second job and also started to study Tarot, which broaden my horizons and improved my methods even for Lenormand readings.
For the past year I started my online business and some extra online practice with foreign people, which added so much to my readings, allowing me to reach another level of depth and accuracy while interpreting the cards.
I did more than 2000 readings within the last year with great feedback.


I use Lenormand for general readings and to look at a general picture of the client's life, I'll say what I see based on the cards, ask if the events I see are related with the life of the client and give a complete overview of the past, present and prospects for the future. All based on the cards in combination with intuition and empathy.
I use Tarot mostly to answer questions, direct questions, guidance regarding a direct matter.
A complete reading with Lenormand can take up to 2 hours. A short one, between 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.
Each question for Tarot can take from 15 minutes to 40 minutes, according to the development of the reading and the need for more information if the question is linked or resonates in other areas of the client's life.
I schedule my appointments with antecedence and have a limit of appointments per day.

E-mail readings are sent to e-mail (with questions and some background information from the client in advance) and given a time-frame to answer the questions and remaining doubts, usually within 24 hours.

Services & Fees

30 minutes: 35 USD
60 minutes: 75 USD
2 hours: 120 USD

E-mail reading: 48 USD

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