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I have been reading tarot for close to 20 years. It's something i really enjoy and am very good at. I dont ask questions, i can feel your energy. Whatever is on your mind is what I pick up from your energy. I take pride in reading. I'm an empath so i strongly feel whatever is burdening you.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 45
Experience 4 Years

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I grew up in Ohio, still live here. I have 2 daughters and have been in nursing for 17 years as well. Very strict upbringing with parents who didn't fall for anything lol. I joined the navy after high school and am a gypsy at heart. I can go anywhere without a penny and not knowing a soul and I'm perfectly comfortable. I am in a relationship with a man i went to school [removed] never thought I'd be with [removed] me laugh. We were two different people then. But being single by choice for a little over a year, when i was one month shy of 41 we somehow reconnected. It's funny how things turn out. My family is Catholic, but not strict like my dad was raised. He turned pages for the preist when they still read in hebrew. If you met him when he was alive you would've never believed it lol. Anyway enough about me!


I first started reading around 1999. I've always enjoyed psychic readings and tarot. I've been to several, [removed] I always left disappointed. It was never about what they [removed] was always a bunch of questions about [removed] blah. I will give you a short synopsis of how i read. Normally readers won't let you handle their [removed] i do a face to face [removed] that is how i receive your energy. My favorite spread is Celtic Cross. I don't ask leading questions. I feel energy so much from others i am normally so accurate it's amazing to me still. Reading is my passion and I just enjoy it so much. I can tell you so much about you with your aura and the way your energy surrounds you. It sounds lame probably the way I'm explaining it, but its how i feel about my cards.


I'm quite gifted with reading. Not to sound boastful but i take such pride in this! I'm a nurturer by nature and a very strong empath. If you're sad and not outwardly showing [removed] literally feel your pain. I have a wonderful way with people and I'd like to think my sixth sense is good as well. I am not a medium but i am a very gifted card reader.

Services & Fees

I feel like helping people is more meaningful to me than any amount of money. I will discuss via email or text what the appropriate cost would be. It depends on your need and length of time you want me for. But for the same of having a ballpark figure..30 minutes i would ask $30. But we can always come up with an amount that would not be unreasonable. So basically $1.00 a minute or per card. We'll discuss it together.


City: Columbus
State/Region: OH
Country: United States 🇺🇸
I'm a night owl due to many years on night shift. I don't have many restrictions on hours ..just anytime after noon any day.

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