I am an empathic and intuitive card reader and life coach. I am happy to have a single session, although I feel that the most benefit can be gained over several sessions as we discover the practice which will support you in reaching your full potential.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 41
Experience 7 Years

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I was very ambitious in my early twenties and by 23, I was married to a wonderful woman, the father to a beautiful boy (my daughter came along 2 years later), and a homeowner. I had achieved more than most of my peers, yet still felt hollow, and so I doubled-down on my ambitions towards worldly success. By 30, I had a well established career, I was a part time pastor, I had a wonderful family and many friends, and I felt so fake that I wildly sought something which could distract me. Addiction, disconnection, lies, shame, and anxiety didn't provide any distraction but only made everything worse. Finally, when I was 34 it all came to a head and I had a breakdown, at the end of which I found myself utterly alone in Oregon, working a six figure job and living in a hotel.

I knew that the answer could only be found in authentically following my heart so I walked away from my six figure salary in order to be an artist. It's been nearly four years and I haven't looked back. I've learned how to love unconditionally, how to live authentically, and how to experience all of life with my whole heart. I've practiced a method of intuition led empathic coaching first for myself, and also for others as my friend, acquaintances, and those around me began asking for insight and advice.


The first person who's life I turned around through my practice of empathic intuition was my own. I went from feeling empty and like a fraud to living a fulfilled life following my heart. I have counseled many since that time. First my friends and acquaintances, and then those that were given my name by others I had counseled.


Every session consists of the following:
- An empathic and intuition-led read, seeking insight from a variety of oracles (primarily tarot and I Ching).
- A review of current energies and insights related to your personal astrological transits (using the traditional zodiac) and your personal numerology
- An interpretation of everything along with direct advice on actions and practices for your based on the reading.

I also offer an in-depth profile session in order to get a full picture of who you are. I highly recommend this for everyone, and it is necessary for anyone who seeks coaching. This includes a "life path" tarot reading, a full astrological natal chart (traditional zodiac) and complete numerology report, along with insight and interpretation.

As mentioned, I also offer life coaching. Together, we will create a practice for you which will support you in hearing and following your heart in living your life's purpose and being your authentic self.

Services & Fees

$40 per 30 min, $60 per hour


City: Eugene
State/Region: OR
Country: United States 🇺🇸
I'll come to your home, your workplace, or somewhere of your choosing for the reading and consultation.

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