Hi, my name is Amy. I am a spiritual conduit for the messages that your higher self and ancestors are trying to send you. I use tarot cards to intuitively receive messages that will help you determine your path or purpose.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 43
Experience 4 Years

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I come from a history of divorce and chaos. I’ve been working on healing myself and my family through reiki and tarot. I have been in a relationship with my other half for over 15 years. We have two small children on the autism spectrum. Life has been difficult and continues to give me challenges around every corner. I feel I have a better handle on what life throws me through the use of tarot. I hope you will allow me to guide you along the path meant for you by using our spirit guides and ancestors to answer your questions.


My caring instinct comes from my experience as a critical care nurse earlier in life. I have always been the listener and sounding board for friends and even complete strangers. I’ve seen a lot of things in my childhood so it’s easier for you to open up and not feel judged. I am evolving every day and learning new techniques on how to read different souls. I look forward to new challenges.


I use tarot cards, intuition, and your honest feedback to open up a dialogue between myself and your spirit team. With that you and I will answer the questions about your life’s path at the moment.


Reiki Master
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