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My experience as a Reiki Master/ Teacher has led me to reading tarot cards, oracle cards [removed] I am certified in Crystal Healing, Quantum Reiki, Energy healing, Angelic Golden Healing / Teacher, Meditation Coach and group Chakra balancing. I use my healing skills when reading for people.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 40
Experience 5 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
Future Romance
Spiritual Guidance
Money & Wealth
Job & Career
Family Issues
Friend Issues
Life Guidance
Decision Making


Reiki Master


Oracle Cards
Angel Cards

Available Via

In Person, Face to Face
Instant Messaging


I am married with 2 adult step kids, 1 adult son and 2 teenage daughters. I have a grandson as well. After my youngest was born I wanted to go back to school. Logically at the time I had a state job so I worked full time, taking care of 5 kids and did school at night. I was able to get a Bachelors of Science in Business Management in under 3 years. After I got my degree, the job I had been trying to get with my department but needed the degree for became available repeatedly. After the fifth interview and being told I was over qualified at that point I decided to start looking for another job. Before I could do that, I was in a car accident. I suffered some injuries which caused me not to go back to work at the time. After having neck surgery, shoulder surgery, back injections and lots of therapy I realized I needed to research myself for treatment. I have always been intuitive and for years been told by various people that I was a healer, I decided that was it. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Today, I am a stay at home mom with no pain, no pain meds and fully functional. I have been told this is where I am meant to be and I truly believe that.


When I first started healing, I would wonder if I was doing it right. The more I learned to meditate, protect myself from outside energies, and center myself the stronger my energy got. When I got to the point of being balanced and centered, I started learning tarot and crystals. I love working with crystals. I believe tarot is a way of putting messages into words. I can now easily recognize different energies and what that means for the client as well.


There are some subjects that are touchy with some people. Usually I would first ask if there was something they wanted to know or look at. As the client is asking or talking I can pick up on their energy. That lets me know more about them and how to approach going further. This can also be done through their word choice in an email. I then open myself up for divine source to come through with their message for the greater good. Sometimes the greater good might not be what they want to hear so I always let know that the future is not set in stone. They can change their path at anytime. They have the power to do that. I then give them suggestions of tools and methods to help them.


Reiki Master / Teacher, Quantum Reiki, Ascension Reiki, Crystal Healing Practioner, Angel Oracle Card Reader, Crystal Fairy Healing Practioner, Earth Angel Practioner, Group Chakra Healing Practioner, Energy Healer and Meditation Coach and Golden Angelic Healing Practioner / Teacher.

Services & Fees

Distant Healing session at a scheduled time - about 30 minutes - $60
In person healing session - 45 minutes - $100
Tarot reading through email - $45
In person - 15 min - $30


Address: 23388 SIBLEY RD
City: Brownstown
State/Region: Michigan
Zip/Postcode: 48193
Country: United States 🇺🇸
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