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I'm an intuitive tarot reader, very passionate about the mystical side of the world. Using my tarot and oracle cards and connecting to your energy, I can provide good guidance in the situation you are in or you are facing. Be brave and ask me a question to wander into the powerful energy of tarot.

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Nationality 🇪🇺 European Union
Languages English
Experience 4 Years

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I'm Alma Moonfall, a gypsy with a very warm heart and with very high intuition power.
For almost 1 year I discovered my mystical side. I started to make readings to relatives then to strangers via the Internet and I was delighted that my tarot readings were perfectly folded on their situations.
I like to believe in the power of tarot cards and especially in my power to do the readings that's why I offer a whole ritual to my tarot cards, thanking them for the answers they have given me.
I encourage everyone who wants a tarot reading not to be shy and ask the right questions. I am here to listen to the situation, the story or the request of the one in front of me and to try to provide a guide in that person's life.


Until now, I have provided readings to my loved ones and even to strangers on the Internet addressing the different situations they were facing at the moment.
In my spare time, I like to research the history of tarot and the meanings that others offer to the tarot cards and oracle cards.
I take notes and then I compare them with the meanings I offer to tarot cards and thus improve my readings offered to those interested.
Those who received tarot readings from me were satisfied, until now, and those who were not satisfied with my readings, I gave them the opportunity to expose their situation better and ask the tarot cards once again. It happened that those who were not satisfied with my reading had asked the wrong questions wanting to know other things, but being shy and fearful of a possible judgment they did not ask the right questions.


I use tarot deck and oracle deck. I also use candles to create the atmosphere and gather positive energy around me to provide a more objective reading.
Depending on your questions and on your situation, I personalize the showdown of the cards and use the meanings and my knowledges of the tarot cards or oracle cards and seek for an advice, answer for the person.
I listen to my inner voice in all of my readings and depending on the questions/ situation, I choose a tarot spread.

Services & Fees

My readings are mainly delivered by e-mail, although I'm up to instant messaging as well. My fees go between $30 and $100 depending on what you are seeking for. If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch!

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