Love & Light to you all that have found your way onto my profile. My name is Stephanie, but I go by as Alana. Thank you for giving me the chance to expand my gifts and share them with you.

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Age 33
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I come from a background of highly spiritual people on my mother’s side. Premonitions and prophetic dreams are just the tip of the iceberg.

I came into my spiritual gifts as a little girl when I believed I astral projected myself and watched myself grow from an infant to back at my 7 year old self. It was definitely scary, but it was because I did not know what to do with such a thing.

Fast-toward to now and my intuition, dreams, and premonitions are just as strong as they were back then, but they’re more welcoming.

My Grandfather on my mother’s side was a preacher of a baptist church. I have been raised in those beliefs and I take that, as well as my spirituality and open-mindedness of other religions into consideration when I read.

I’ve been guided towards tarot cards and despite being in tune, I still see it as practicing and bettering myself every day.


My experience consists of dream reading and learning what not only my dreams were telling me, but other people’s dreams as well. I do a lot of research on my dreams, premonitions, and intuitive feelings. I conclude my day of all the signs I gathered and make sense of them at the end of the week/months. I’ve also extended my services with free readings through a Facebook psychic group and receive great feedback as an exercise.


How I come to my cards are with good intentions and I pray that others come for the reading with open hearts and minds. Tarot cards are my main outlet and Spirit talks through them as I interpret the meaning of the cards based on the spread, the placement, and the question on your heart. From there on, Spirit really does the rest.


City: Huber Heights
State/Region: Ohio
Zip/Postcode: 45424
Country: United States 🇺🇸

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