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With over 20 years of experience, I am a Solitary Hedge Witch High Priestess specializing in Tarot Counseling. Using the Tarot, I guide you to more self-awareness and your True Fulfillment.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Experience 24 Years

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We all have uncertainties. We all need guidance to find our True Path. Even those of us with "abilities" are led to people and situations that are needed to create our True Self. I am on my third marriage, which I feel is finally the end of my romantic Path. But each experience prepared me in ways that I didn't understand until now. I can also help you to see what lessons have been learned and in what ways you can harness that Power to influence the Present and Future paths you are to walk.


As a child, I could "feel" the emotions of those around me. And I was the person who was always trying to guide them to tell me their troubles. I began to research and find my Kindred souls and was led to channel my Empathic abilities through the Tarot. By bonding with outside forces, I am able to pull upon more than just Myself in order to find what feelings and qualities are guiding others within their lives.


I harness my emphatic abilities by hearing your story and questions. From there I ask the Tarot for guidance to help you discover your True Self and the qualities within yourself that are helping or hindering you from creating your Fulfilled Life.

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General Past, Present, Future readings are $5. Anything above that is dependent upon the desired answers needed in your personal situation.

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