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If you see this now, Spirit is calling for you to hear an urgent message. I will put all my gifts at your service so we could navigate these stormy waters easily towards your Highest Destiny. Whatever might be getting on your way right now, we will get through it together.

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Nationality 🇹🇳 Tunisia
Languages English, Françias, اللغة العربية ال
Age 39
Experience 13 Years

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I came to this existence as a Light Worker. A fancy name for one of the harshest life paths. At 38 years old I've seen more than anyone could handle. Tough upbringing, I wrestled to have faith or be affiliated with any mainstream religion because I never could connect with any at a soul level. After several Tower moments, karmic relationships that aimed to open my heart chakra and finally allow me to open up to the world. I'm currently on aTwin Flame Journey. I'm a breast Cancer survivor as well, another Miracle that the Univers blessed me with. I never thought that a mastectomy could be the Univers's way of lifting a barrier from above one's heart.


I started working as a counselor, professionally in late 2010. Although I used to be the one people in my direct environment would naturally seek for advice or if they needed any kind of clarity. Once I started reading for people as a full-time job, I noticed most people were looking for Fortune Tellers. "Tell me what's going to happen" not "What how I should align myself to allow the shift I want to see happening in my life"

That distinction is really important from what I have noticed in my life this far. Are you a CO-creature of your Life and willing to take charge and responsibility for your Existence?

It's a question most people struggle with, I also from time to time but it's how I conduct my work. Either privately or professionally, I give people the choice: Blue pill or Red pill (Like the legendary scene from the Matrix)

In both cases, there's no right or wrong answer. Maybe you're not ready for the Red pill yet, or maybe you need a break. I always hold compassion for those who struggle with that choice because I empathize and know firsthand how difficult it could be sometimes, but the rewards are always worth it.


I'm a No-Nonsense kind of reader. If you expect me to tell you what you want to hear and feed onto your illusions, I'm sorry but I don't want to deal with such Karma.

On the other hand, I'll put my all, Tarot reading, spirit Guide Channeling, my own connections to Source to Heal your emotional Body and Balance your Chakra and work together, hand in hand, to align you with your Highest Destiny. Don't hesitate.

Services & Fees

- 1/2 hour reading (30 mn) by Phone (voice-only call) 60 dollars
- E-mail: for 1 question 10 dollars
- Chakra balancing session 50 dollars
- In-depth guidance package: 30mn/week + 1 Bonus Email for 3 months (360 mn) for 300 Dollars

I'd advise only investing in an in-depth Package once you get your initial reading and feel like we can move further together.


50 dollars for 30mn readings for love and relationships until the end of Feburary. VALENTINES DAY PROMOTION

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