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I am a Tarot card reader and I have been doing a lot of readings for the last 6 years. I use the Tarot card, Oracle card, and intuition to perform the reading. Not only do I read the messages of the cards, but I also try to find the guidance that the Universe is giving to my clients.

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Nationality 🇵🇭 Philippines
Languages English
Experience 4 Years

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I am a Filipino and I am residing in the Philippines. Currently, I a living with my partner (he is a ritual practioner), and together we combine our gifts to help our clients.

I used to work in the customer service industry and had my share with a different types of people, from different walks of life. Although I was raised in a Christian environment, I am very open in absorbing the wisdom of other beliefs.


I started out as a contributor of articles on a Facebook page. The page covers topics about the Paranormal. I was the only tarot card reader at that time. It was a challenge for me since I didn't have anyone I can ask questions.

I then try to observe and learn from other seasoned tarot card readers and taking note of their best practices.


My main craft is tarot card reading.

Whenever my client is requesting a full reading, and it will be their first time; I always start in reading their life number and zodiac signs, then we will proceed in using the Celtic cross spread so we can dig deep into each part of the personal life of the client, trying to find the root cause of the problem.

Services & Fees

• For one-on-one full reading, which will run for about 60-90 minutes, I only charge $25.00 (USD). This will be via video call.
• For relationship reading - $5.00 (USD). I will be using the Lovers Pyramid spread.
• For Yes/No questions (3 questions) - $10.00 (USD). In addition, I will read the reason why the cards gave either a Yes or No answer, and the message of the Universe on how to turn the Yes into a No, and the No into a Yes.

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