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Hello, friends. I am Aden, come to you now to divine Tarot's wisdom about your past, present, and future; your loves, finances, hopes, fears, possibilities, directions, endings and new beginnings. Let maturity, experience, and warm empathy give you confidence to move forward on your life’s journey.

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Nationality 🇺🇸 United States
Languages English
Age 54
Experience 14 Years

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I was a teacher and writer for more than 30 years. I am the author of 18 books, both fiction and nonfiction, and have taught at colleges and universities large and small. I've also read Tarot since high school (much longer ago and I care to think about!), but turned to it professionally only recently, once I saw how much I can help people with it, in ways that writing books and teaching in classrooms just never can. My cartomancy skills have climbed to new heights as I have developed my empathic intuition as well.


In the beginning, I was just a teenager and read Tarot cards just for fun with friends. I left that side of myself behind for a decade while I pursued more traditional goals such as an academic career and becoming a writer. But soon my intuitive side cried out for more, and I returned to the wisdom of the Tarot and started studying it in earnest, never planning to for even thinking I would enter into it as a career. Later, my wife's cousin, who is an overall psychic working with many tools, asked me for a Tarot reading and was “blown away” by what I laid out and interpreted for him. He knew that I had become dissatisfied by how little I felt I was able to do for others within my limited scope as a writer and academic, so he recommended strongly that I think about becoming a professional Tarot reader and counselor. I thought about the good that I might be able to do, and how I always listen to the cards instead of trying to force my opinion on them, and how I actually can help people by making readings about them and the cards, never about me and how “brilliant” I am at cartomancy. (The cards and the universe are brilliant, not I.) This is my passion and my mission now. I am 51 years old, and I only now truly feel that I can finally make a lasting difference in people's lives.


I know this may sound strange on a directory for psychics, but I don't actually claim to be psychic. It is the cards that are psychic. What I mean by that is that I shuffle the cards 7 times, which mathematically makes the deck completely randomized. Then I or the querent (that’s you) cuts the deck at a random point and I take the top card off and put it at the bottom. At this point the universe and you have created the distribution of the cards which will answer your question. I then lay out the cards in a pattern appropriate for whatever kind of question you are asking, and then comes my role, doing only what a true cartomancer can do: I weave together the threads of the cards that have been chosen to tell the story that answers the question in its full depth and breadth. This is where my experience and my deep empathy and my decades of growth in the art of the Tarot work together to solve the mysteries my clients most desire to understand. It is a blessed thing to be a part of, and I can't claim to understand how all of it works myself. Indeed, it is possible I am psychic; but that is for the universe and the all-knowing, all-revealing Tarot to decide, I suppose. As ever, I shall listen to what it has to say.

Services & Fees

Video conferencing, phone, or text:
10 minutes (minimum): $20
Minutes after 10: $1 / min. (unlimited)


For email readings where you send a question and I send an in-depth reply, it depends on the spread you prefer, which I'm happy to discuss beforehand over email at no charge so you can decide which is best for your particular type of question. (Query for custom layouts, but prices are based on how many cards, so they will be in these ranges.) I send pictures of layouts and either text of entire reading or sound file of entire reading (your choice) in single message.

1-2 cards: $5

3-4 cards: $15

5-9 cards: $20

Celtic Cross (10 cards): $25

Zodiac (12 cards): $30


Las Vegas isn't a gamble with me

City: Las Vegas
State/Region: Nevada
Country: United States 🇺🇸

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