Spiritual guide with an expertise in theology and dream interpretation who dispenses sound insight based on the teachings of the ascended masters.

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I have been interpreting dreams since the age of nine and have been reading card from the age of 18. I specialise in readings relating to your personal spiritual growth. My spiritual journey began at the age of nine when I had a series of dreams about my relationship with God and a number of out of body experiences. I was taught dream interpretation by my father to make sense of these experiences and this began a lifelong interest. Influenced by philosophy and psychology and mysticism, I have dedicated myself to understanding life's spiritual mysteries.


I have been interpreting dreams and reading cards for friends and family for a long time. This has recently evolved into a vocation for me, where I have made myself available on sites such as Ask the Answer and Kooma


I use a unique combination of oracle cards based on the sayings of my ascended master and bibliomancy from the ancient book of psalms. I will typically begin with one saying in combination with one line from the book of psalms and meditate on how this reveals insight into your own situation. If you have further questions or need clarification I will then work with more cards and more lines.

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Dream Interpretation- £25.00
General Oracle Reading- £20.00

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