Intuitive tarot reader and dream interpreter with a speciality in mystical and occult practice offering spiritual guidance.

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I have been interpreting dreams since the age of nine and have been reading tarot from the age of 18. I specialise in readings relating to your personal spiritual growth. My spiritual journey began at the age of nine when I had a series of dreams about my relationship with God and a number of out of body experiences. I was taught dream interpretation by my father to make sense of these experiences and this began a lifelong interest. Influenced by philosophy and psychology and mysticism, I have dedicated myself to understanding life's spiritual mysteries. My deep knowledge of kabbalah, alchemy, numerology and dream symbolism give me a unique insight into the tarot and allow me to dispense sound advice for each situation.


I have been interpreting dreams and reading tarot for friends and family for a long time. This has recently evolved into a vocation for me, where I have made myself available on sites such as Ask the Answer, Kooma, as well as setting up my own tarot reading and dream interpretation store at [removed]


Tarot cards help me intuitively unlock an individuals level of spiritual development. Using tarot and my knowledge of qabbalah, alchemy, dream symbolism and psycho-analysis I am able to read the symbols in a way that is most appropriate to the situation of the querent, despising advice that is backed up by thousands of years of magical tradition.

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Dream Interpretation- £25.00
General Tarot Reading- £20.00
Three Question Tarot Reading- £12.00
Two Question Tarot Reading- £9.00
One Question Tarot Reading- £5.00

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