Common Queries and Questions

Please look over the list of common Q's & A's below to see if they answer your question before contacting us

General FAQ

  • I've registered but the site won't let me login? +

    Did you receive the email confirming your email address and click on the link to activate your account? You must do this before signing in for the first time. Check your spam folder if you can't find the email (from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). It's also possible you may have mis-typed your email address when registering.
  • What's the catch? Nothing is ever for free. +

    Some of the biggest success stories on the internet are free. Facebook, Linkedin, Skype to name a few. Psychics Directory is free and will remain so for both clients and practitioners. We aim to fund the website primarily from advertising & marketing revenue.
  • Can I register as a business or psychic fair? +

    Soon. We intend to include a 3rd registration option in the near future allowing businesses and conventions/fairs to be listed in the directory. Until then please don't register as a psychic but use the contact page to register interest with us. Our companion Apps for iOS & Android enable customers in your local area to register interest and receive notifications of events etc.
  • How does the Question & Answers System work? +

    Please refer to this page for all questions on this topic Read More
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Client's FAQ

  • Why haven't I had any replies to my question yet? +

    Psychics who register on our directory are not obliged to answer any question. They are more likely to answer a question if it's simple and they feel you aren't trying to get a cheap, quick, reading. If your question is asking for everything you want to know the chances are no one will answer it. These people are trying to earn a honest living. Please treat them with respect.
  • Why isn't asking a question free? +

    We charge a small fee of $4.99 to prevent abuse of our consultants who are giving their precious time for free to answer questions. They are doing so to find clients who are willing to pay for their professional services. Charging for questions prevents the Q&A system from being abuse by people just looking for something for nothing. It demonstrates to the consultants that you are prepared to pay for a full consultancy should they impress you.
  • Do you verify that the practitioners list on here are genuine? +

    No. You do! As an unregulated profession it's impossible to verify anyone is genuine. This is why we included a Question & Answers feature into the directory. To help you find someone who you feel can connect with you. Anyone can create a practitioners account, list themselves in the directory, and claim to have experience, knowledge and gifts they may, or may not, possess. Psychics Directory does not endorse anyone, nor does it confer qualifications or status.
  • Can I ask more than one question, or ask my question again, if I don't find someone I connect with? +

    Yes. We appreciate that there will be clients, who are genuinely looking for a practitioner, who may not make a connection with anyone on first attempt. To prevent the Q&A system from being abused we charge $9.99 for each re-attempt. This filters out those who are just looking for freebies from those who are genuinely looking for a professional consultation. Practitioners who have previously given you an answer are excluded from answering you again. Both the time limit and limit on answers you can receive are increased to help widen your search.
  • I've seen a profile that is fake/in-appropriate/offensive, why is it listed in the directory? +

    If you find someone, or something, that you think shouldn't be listed in the directory use the contact form to notify us and we'll investigate and remove it if necessary
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Consultants FAQ

  • I don't consider myself to be a Psychic. Is directory relevant to me? +

    The term Psychic is quite possibly the best understood, and most commonly searched for phrase, when a potential client is looking for guidance, personal insights and forecasting from a very wide range of disciplines. e.g. Astrologists, Numerologists etc. You don't need to be psychic to register on this website. Each consultant is given a long list of personal attributes that they can pick from allowing clients to filter out what sort of consultant they are looking for.
  • I find the options in the profile setup too limited. How can I add my own? +

    To make this directory as user friendly as possible, for searching and filtering, we've broken down and classified as much as we can to make finding you easier. If you would like to suggest additions to the options in the drop down menu items please use the contact form to make requests.
  • A website I added to my contacts was blocked, or requires approval, why? +

    We have a responsibility to the internet public to ensure that unscrupulous people don't take advantage of this website by setting up fake profiles to facilitate promoting dangerous websites, or web links, to unsuspecting users. We use the software from a 3rd party security company to score each web url entered into contacts. If it's security score falls below a certain threshold we either block it completely or put it into our manual approval queue for the admin to check. If you feel your web link is safe and unfairly being blocked please contact us to unblock it.
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