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What can you tell me about my current relationship? Jim & Kate going to break up? Will Jim and I be together for good, and not just the Oregon girlfriend?
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Giuliana - Psychics Directory
Hello, dear. Your current realtionship seems a bit chaotic, you may be enjoying the conversations and ideas you share together although one of you is still looking at the past or suffering a loss, whereas the other is seeing more into the future, intentions here are opposite seems to be a man with a problem conveying his emotions, between Jim and Kate I don't see anything at all. Between you and Jim, again, cards don't suggest a 100% true, because you may be rushing into things, but you both may share plans together that allow a better future. Blessings

April  - Psychics Directory
I connected with you using Tarot and Lenormand and it seems as if Jim has a loyalty to a child/person that keeps him anchored where he is. It seems he’s someone who is a gamble to put your heart into or possibly he’s someone who takes risks or likes gambling. I see he sends messages that feed you hope but your relationship leaves you feeling isolated, alone and not always feeling loved. At the present time, I don’t see a long term commitment in the near future.

Ali - Psychics Directory
Jim seems more of a free spirit and not looking to settle down. I would advise to let him go so he can grow a bit before he would be suitable

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
What Jim and Kate do is none of your business but I will tell you about Jim and YOU. I am sorry but you won't be together, you will be the "Oregon girlfriend" as long as you are willing to. The cards say to dump him (10 of wands reversed) and that he is NOT a good man (King of Wands reversed.) Worse of all: one of you will probably get pregnant (Empress) and I would not trust Jim to do anything to support that baby (again, King of Wands reversed.)

Good luck.