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I was wondering if you see anyone for me anytime soon? Would you please be able to describe this person physically and personality? And possibly provide a timeline or as much detail as possible? Thanks so much!
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Hekattee - Psychics Directory
Blessings Rikki, I have drawn the Ace of Wands for you, and I see a strong and unexpected connection with someone new in your life. I see that this could unfold for you in the next couple of months, and the Four of Cups suggests that this connection will happen socially, so now is a good time for you to make plans to spend time catching up with friends. The King of Wands suggest that this person is a fire sign, strong, passionate and loyal, with fair hair and blue or green eyes. Love and light x

George - Psychics Directory
I pulled some Lenormand cards for your question. They talk not so much about any new romance but more about ending a current one or tidying up the lose ends of it (divorce?). This might take a while and I think the message you are being given, by the cards, is that you should wait until the dust has settled and you have really moved on before beginning anything new. The final card says that might take a while so be patient.

Black Death - Psychics Directory
Black Death
you need to give your birthday, confirmation and information whether you got a twin or not, in order to know the truth and make sure there’s no incorrect confirmation or it will lead to wrong truth.