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I’ve recently been having some intense spiritual experiences. I’ve always been an empath but I’m starting to think it’s more than just that. It’s really effecting my everyday life and relationship bc my partner is 100% skeptic making it hard to communicate on my end I’ve also been having the absolute worst luck of my entire 33 years. Everything is going wrong and no one understands me it seems. What is the universe trying to tell me?
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Tammy B Jones - Psychics Directory
Tammy B Jones
Knight swords 8swords 5cup ,3swords Arch Angel Raziel showed. You are dealing with a quick thinker who moves with confidence. DON'T PANIC! There could be something unknown in your relationship that's not working out, so be cautious of what's happening around you. Investigate peacefully getting all the information you may need. Its definitely hard to see the positive for having unhealthy thoughts. Make your health and peace a priority. Know where you wish to go spiritually. YOUR INTUITIVE POWERS IS ON THE RISE!! This could be a test! Remember Goodness put out is returned in abundance.

Rebecca - Psychics Directory
Hello love! Im truely sorry your having such a hard time. You may need to do some work/ studies to figure out what all gifts you have . As far as your partner being a skeptic, only way for him to believe is to experience it. Nothing is going wrong, your Chakras are just out of balance. Your moving to a new phase of your journey & everything seems off. Once you find & hone your gifts everything will balance in divine timing. Be easy on yourself. Message me for more guidance or even mentoring. Love & light always

Krystal  - Psychics Directory
The universe is actively placing stumbling blocks in your path. Trying to knock you off your game. The dimension you are about to enter is trickier than your present one and although it feels like you are being maliciously attacked, you are not. Not yet, at least. You will have to empathize with true horrors to move on quickly. If time is not a concern then you may meet these ‘horrors’ in the physical realm instead of mentally.

Monica Stewart - Psychics Directory
Monica Stewart
Have you been seeing synchronicities? I can relate on people being skeptical because I still to this day get that. But what I feel they are trying to say is this is your journey and only you can be the one to understand that. I would look up the number 44 and meditate and make sure you are grounded.

ŠPELA HORJAK - Psychics Directory
As we all know the Universe always serves us with what we can handle, sometimes we need some intense experiences to go beyond our comfort zone. Perhaps it is time for you to embrace what you already know and start living your life instead of running away from it. Be strong, courageous, and find the people that simply make sense when you are around them. Call out for them. Those are your people and your tribe. Life does not have to be a struggle, those are just reminders that you have taken a wrong turn, away from who you are.