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Is there a future for me and my poi? He currently has a lot going on at the moment due to a ongoing situation he has which is making him keep himself busy and pre occupied. He has said he can’t have a relationship at the moment but once the situation is resolved he will be ready to settle down with someone. Will that person be me? Or am I wasting my time waiting for him?
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Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
What is comes down to is how long are you willing to wait? I pulled cards about this: Page of Cups--he SAYS he will settle down with you when things are better. But 6 of swords reversed--when will things be better? I cannot predict when things will improve enough for him to settle down with you (or with anyone) and right now, he is not interested in working on your relationship. 9 of Wands indicates you are both getting defensive, on his side, because he cannot do more now and you because you feel like you are kept waiting.

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Your time is precious and this poi isn't giving you their TLC in the way you would like. They're perhaps giving you, or were, some mixed signals that led you to believe that there may be more here that might be worth the wait. Unfortunately, if someone is ready for you and wanting to love you in the way your heart has always wanted, then they wouldn't want to wait. Give your time and energy to someone that doesn't want to put your heart on pause.